June 2018 Book Giveaway Winner!

I've got to say, the giveaway contest from last week might just be my favorite ever! Over the past week, I've had emails, Facebook shares, comments, and messages from pet-loving readers who wanted to share stories and pictures of their pets. I loved it! 

However, there was one Facebook comment that definitely stood out as my favorite. Erin Lloyd's memory of her adorable cat Precious made my day--and so did the picture! Congratulations, Erin! You're the winner! Your signed copy of Reluctant Cassandra is on its way!

Congratulations Erin/ June 2018 Giveaway Winner|| Erin won a signed copy of Reluctant Cassandra for sharing her favorite pet story

Congratulations, Erin, and thank you to everyone who contacted me to share their stories last week. Readers are the best!