Will pulled back. “Hold up. Since when do you believe in fate?”

”I don’t,” Mara said. “But I believe in you.”
Cover Design by  The Thatchery .

Cover Design by The Thatchery.


Will and Mara Sterling are already living their dream. After surviving a tragic shooting, they both went on to finish college, fall in love, and start a new life together as husband and wife. That’s not to say things have been easy: Will suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and Mara has debilitating chronic pain from her gunshot wound. Despite it all, they feel lucky to be alive and even luckier to be in love.

Then a new initiative from the Justice Department offers Will and Mara the chance of a lifetime. The shooter has been rehabilitated and his crime qualifies for a timeline rectification. With Will and Mara’s consent, they can all travel through time back to the original scene of the crime, giving the gunman a chance to put things right.

It sounds like a dream come true, but both Will and Mara have their doubts. Timeline rectification—called “time wrecking” by its critics—is at the center of a politically charged debate. Will and Mara aren’t entirely sure where they fall on this issue and the clock is ticking for them to decide. Is it moral to change time for the rest of the world, just to undo one crime? Is it moral to deny the gunman a chance to correct his past crimes? And what if this one ripple means that they never meet...or fall in love?

Set in 2011, EVERY LAST MINUTE is the first book in the TIME WRECKERS TRILOGY.

Would you be a Time Wrecker? Or do you think you should only live once?

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Here's what readers are saying about Every Last Minute:

A fast-paced story with characters you care about. What more can you ask for? Oh, maybe time travel?
This book has it all....time travel, romance, and what-ifs.
I am elated to know that this is Book One of a trilogy!
— ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Amazon Reviewers