Would You Be a #TimeWrecker? Or Do You Think #YSOLO?

I love writing quizzes. Big surprise, right? I'm a freelance education writer, so my contracted work usually involves creating chapter tests and assessment questions. However, I'd never thought about using quizzes in my fiction-writing life until I read Angela J. Ford's blog post last March. She created an awesome quiz for her Four Worlds book series: Where Does Your Allegiance Lie? (According to the results, I'm a Blended One!) 

One of the main conflicts in my upcoming Time Wrecker trilogy is whether or not time travel should remain legal. Sure, it sounds like a great idea for rehabilitated criminals to "go back in time and undo the crime." But...there are also some very valid concerns. What if these so-called "timeline rectifications" cause more harm than good?

In Every Last Minute, the first book of the Time Wrecker trilogy, the characters fall into two camps. Those that support timeline rectification call themselves "Time Wreckers." Or, if they'd like to see the policy abolished, they adopt the hashtag "YSOLO," an acronym for You Should Only Live Once. 

A story conflict like that is perfect for a quiz! I had so much fun writing it because there are a lot of elements that shape the characters' opinions one way or the other. Now you can find out whether you would be a #TimeWrecker of if you think #YSOLO! 

If you take the quiz, I'd love to know your result! You can also share your answer on Facebook and Twitter--you never know who else might be a TimeWrecker, or who thinks YSOLO!