10 Quotes from Influential Millennials

We all know the tired rhetoric about the millennial generation. We're entitled. Lazy. Spoiled. Obsessed with taking selfies and ignorant about the rest of the world.

As I said last week, millennials may have a bad reputation in our youth (just like all the generations before us), but that's not the whole story. We connect with each other constantly, which means we're aware of social issues that affect us around the globe. We've struggled to find work during the recession, which means we've taken on second jobs, side hustles, and even started our own businesses. We're well-informed, conscientious, and very, very hard-working.

Here are ten quotes from influencers that show us what it means to be a millennial:

10 Quotes from Influential Millennials || www.ellensmithwrites.com

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