Where Do You Read?

Green chair.jpg

My favorite reading spot is a little green chair in the living room. It has a great view, perfect lighting, a nearby bookshelf, and a little ledge for my drink. What else could a bookworm need? Plus, the chair swivels and rocks, which means I can accidentally make myself seasick if I start tapping my foot during a tense part of the story.

(The seasickness isn’t perfect, but this is real life. And I’m a toe-tapper.)

Since I’m not the only reader in the household, my favorite green chair isn’t always available. Fortunately, bookworms are adaptable. There’s also the couch, the back porch, or curled up in bed. That last one can be dangerous. If I get to a good spot in the story, I might play the “just-one-more-chapter” game until I finish the book. At three in the morning.

If the book’s really good, I don’t care where I am. This is where e-books finally won me over. I like that when I’m on the go, I can have a bunch of e-books at my fingertips, including my current can’t-put-it-down read. Even better: thanks to the Kindle app on my phone, I can now sneak in a little reading while I’m waiting at the doctor’s office or stuck in line at the grocery store.

Even though I can read anywhere, I still try to make it to my favorite reading spot whenever I get the chance. I can’t beat an evening curled up in my little green chair, getting lost in my current favorite book.

What about you? Where do you read?