There’s nothing I can do to make a premonition break before it’s good and ready. Nothing I can do to change the future once I see it, either. I know that from experience, too. So I do what I’ve learned to do best. I settle in and wait.


Nothing much changes in historic Eagle Valley, Virginia. That's a good thing for Arden McCrae. It's easier to manage her visions of the future when there isn't much to see. Arden would rather stay buried in the certainty that comes with stories of the past. Fortunately, running the local antique store and keeping up with the Eagle Valley Historical Society gives her plenty of history to hide behind. 

When her aging parents are forced to sell their farm to pay for medical care, Arden sees big changes ahead. The sale threatens the historic status of Eagle Valley, and Arden's own store is in peril. Meanwhile, her father's rapidly advancing Alzheimer's keeps him locked in a heartbreaking past. The rest of the McCrae family is left to make difficult decisions for the days to come. 

The future that nobody wants is descending fast, and Arden must face the visions she's always avoided. Soon, her town is divided over their historic status and her family is shattered by her father's declining health. Arden will have to choose whether to fight to preserve the past or learn to embrace the future.

Cover Design by The Thatchery.

Cover Design by The Thatchery.

They returned to Eagle Valley the same way they had left.The whole town seemed to be holding its breath, waiting for the news they’d come to share. The sun hung low in the sky, lighting up the dusty streets with an ethereal glow.


Ask anyone in Eagle Valley, Virginia, and they’ll be happy to tell you the history of their little town. After all, it’s a fascinating story. Way back in the 1700s, some of the town’s bravest young men marched off to fight in the Revolutionary War. Later, Eagle Valley’s mill brought the American Dream right to their doorsteps. During the Civil War, families were split between staying loyal to Virginia or re-joining the Union. Even as recently as World War II, Eagle Valley locals fought for victory half a world away. The town of Eagle Valley is proud of its long history, and even more proud of the ancestors that built their town.

Of course, if you ask the ghosts that still haunt Eagle Valley’s streets, you just might hear another side of the story. In this four-story collection, the ghosts of Eagle Valley set the record straight. Every town has its secrets, and these skeletons are ready to come out of their closets.

Ghosts of Eagle Valley is the companion short story collection to Ellen Smith’s debut novel, Reluctant Cassandra. Available only on Channillo for Charity, proceeds for Ghosts of Eagle Valley will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Cover Design by The Thatchery.

Cover Design by The Thatchery.